Toss Up is a twist on the recently popular deck-building rogue-like. This is a coin-flipping rogue-like!

Use your spare change to fight enemies. Pennies do 1 damage, nickels do 5, dimes do 10, and quarters do 25. But they only do damage if they land on heads! Can you get to the end?


  • Up, Down, Left, Right: Move
  • Z: Menu select

Tips & Tricks:

  • Every turn an enemy remains alive, it does 1 damage to you
  • Remember to make change at the bank before moving to the next level
  • Don't stock up too much on just one type of coin, hedge your bets

This game is incomplete. But I hope you have fun with it while I work on adding more features.

Things to come:

  • Animations showing how the coins land
  • Healing items
  • More detailed character sprites
  • Special effect coins


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